Vortex Solution includes an in-house team of graphic designers and Web developers specialized in Word Press. Building on our many years of experience with Word Press and its components, we can support simple maintenance or development of a fully customized design, API integrations and plug-in development .

Word Press is a web content manager (CMS). This “open code” type software stands out for its speed, ease and flexibility of use. Through Word Press, we are able to make high quality wordpress websites custom-designed or from predefined themes. We use Word Press as a platform for many small and large websites, whether it’s a site to showcase your business, informational content, or any other type of web project. With the WOO Commerce platform of Word Press, you can also have an ecommerce site free of license or commission fees, which will be very powerful.

For your business projects, we suggest you use Word Press since it is an open code tool with great reliability. Using our team of Word Press developers, you will get a product of high-speed design and high quality.

A bilingual and responsive Word Press project for SMEs can be done for a budget starting from $ 6,500. It includes project management, website design, complete support, design and graphics, programming, choice of plug-ins, quality tests, training for site use, implementation online and installation of security tools.

By using Vortex Solution, you are assured of efficient service and quality production. At Vortex Solution, we make wordpress websites… also in Word Press!

You want to create your website with Word Press but you do not know how much it will cost you? Not always easy to navigate in this very fragmented market of website creation. Between turnkey website creation offers with Word Press that are at attractive rates and personalized offers that are much more expensive, it is sometimes difficult to understand price differences. What type of offer to choose?

La Barbeque du Net conducted its small survey to give you an idea of ​​the average rates according to the type of Word Press site, and especially the way of working. To help you in this choice, we tried to help you understand the price differences between turnkey offers and the creation of a custom Word Press site.

The most common requests for website creations in Word Press are shop windows and e-commerce sites. It is for these offers that we find turnkey offers, so we offer you a first idea of ​​the pricing of these services before entering into the details of the content of these offers.

What do we mean by custom development of a site with Word Press?

If you believe that packaged offers do not cover all of your needs for the creation of your website, you have the possibility to use tailored offers. For this kind of service, you will have to define a complete specifications with your service provider to delimit the scope of your project. We distinguish the site creation services in Word Press custom and semi-custom. Either your custom site will be created with an existing Word Press theme that your provider makes changes to the template – that is, the template – at the code level to customize the theme. This is a semi-custom development

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The other option would be to create a brand new Word Press theme. In this case it is necessary to define the graphic charter and to code it completely from a graphic model. In which case, it is a development completely custom-made.

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