The majority of combatants are invalids of different groups. As you know, financial organizations are very wary of lending to such a group of people and require an inflated amount of insurance. But recently, veterans of military operations can count on a concessional loan with the help of the state.

If it needs to improve housing conditions, then government support will be expressed in: lower interest rates; subsidizing the down payment. BORROWING BENEFITS Mortgage to veterans of military operations cannot be granted on preferential terms. But if a citizen of this category needs to improve housing conditions, then it is possible to get support from the state, which is expressed in subsidies, it can be directed to repay the initial installment or interest on the loan. TO WHOM ARE THEY PROVIDED? home loans for veterans of hostilities, who have risen to the turn to improve housing conditions before 01.01.2005, can expect to receive benefits on the loan.

Citizens who apply for help after this date can receive a mortgage with state subsidies only if they are disabled. ACTIVE PROGRAMS The Bank issues a mortgage loan on preferential terms under a certain scheme, which is regulated by Federal Law No. 102. There are no effective lending programs for citizens who are veterans of military operations. The state undertakes to repay a part of the loan interest, that is: the client takes a loan on general terms – for example, at 12.5% ​​per year, and pays it; the state part of the interest amount is returned to the borrower’s account. You can use the mortgage program for military personnel. But for this you need to be a participant of ANN. In this case, the initial fee will not be required at all and the state will pay part of the value of the property on interest. MORTGAGES FOR WAR VETERANS There is no specific program for issuing mortgages to war veterans. In addition, banks do not practice this direction. To make a loan on preferential terms, you need to have the status of the needy, then you will get a social housing loan. SOCIAL Social mortgage is provided only to the needy category of citizens. At the same time, you must confirm your status. To begin with, it is necessary to understand whether the citizen meets the requirements: does not have own housing; lives in one apartment with several other families; available real estate – communal, hostel; living space without communications or in a dilapidated, emergency condition; the area, based on the calculation for 1 person – less than 18 sq.m. If a mortgage is wanted by a home loans for veterans who has good housing conditions, then it will not be possible to do this under the social program. In 2018, the turn to receive a social mortgage has not yet come to an end. This suggests that this privilege is granted infrequently, given one peculiarity: all citizens have been on the queue since 2004.

IN THE SAVINGS BANK Mortgage for veterans of military operations in the Savings Bank is provided on general terms, or within the framework of the “military mortgage” program. This financial organization does not develop a separate direction. Sberbank cannot always make a positive decision on the application, 100% is guaranteed only to INS members. CONDITIONS Conditions each bank provides according to the general. It should be taken into account that without state support there is a possibility of getting a refusal. Especially if the veteran of the fighting does not work – here in any case, the bank will not provide a loan.

But if the mortgage is issued in AHML, then it will be more profitable. Only there is a condition – you need to have the status of a concessional borrower. The interest rate in AHML is 9.9% per annum. This difference in rates is due to the fact that the state realizes the real estate acquired from the developer company. Accordingly, you can buy an apartment only in certain new buildings. THE SCHEME OF ISSUE receiving such a loan is as follows: a financial organization prepares home loans for veterans the state gives preferences, by means of which payments for housing loans are partially extinguished. This means that the bank does not participate in granting preferential mortgages at all – it agrees to a simple loan, which many make out. Subsidies are organized with the help of the state or firms that support veterans of military operations. REQUIRED DOCUMENTS A citizen wishing to issue a mortgage loan must submit the following documents to the bank: statement; passport-copy of each page; a work book – a copy with the seal and signature of the authorities; certificate of salary.

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