Types of valuation, reporting,    valuation methods:

In the modern world, each of the things has its price. We often wonder about the cost when it comes to selling or buying businesses, real estate, equipment, brands and other assets that cannot be touched, etc. Evaluation of all of the above things – the case of specially trained professionals, namely professional appraisers. Appraisal Company “Landlord Expert” provides its property valuation services in Rostov-on-Don, Sochi, as well as in such cities as Novocherkassk, Taganrog, Stavropol, and Krasnodar. Property valuations a general term that applies to valuation activities, as well as to all its objects. Russian legislation states that a wide variety of objects can be assessed. This may be an assessment of individual items (for example, apartments, cars, valuables and collections); property valuation of legal entities or individuals; property rights and other property rights; liabilities and debts; work, services, information; as well as other civil rights that have the opportunity to participate in civil circulation. Property valuation in Rostov-on-Don can be divided into several large groups, namely:

Valuation of business (shares of the enterprise);

Real estate valuation;

Evaluation of equipment, vehicles;

Valuation of intellectual property and other intangible assets:

Often, one has to face the conviction that valuing a property means determining its market value. However, international and Russian valuation standards suggest the presence of many types of value. Based on the market value of the property, the seller and the buyer can conclude a mutually beneficial transaction, and the value of the goods will be justified in terms of the interests of both the buyer and the seller. Under the market value refers to the most likely price of the object at which it will be sold. In this case, both the seller and the buyer know all the information regarding the object of valuation, and no force majeure circumstances can affect the transaction itself. Market value, above all, takes into account the real situation on the market. The result of property valuation depends mainly on the demand, supply, utility of the property, deficiency, as well as the ability to transfer rights to this property. Today property valuation may be needed in such cases as:

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Property division, rent, donation, purchase and sale:

Determining the cost of damage in case of damage to vehicles in an accident;


Drawing up marriage contracts;

Property insurance;

Loan or mortgage bail;

Introduction of property into the authorized capital of an economic company:

Whichever of these cases you are interested in, experienced specialists of the Landlord-expert appraisal company will provide you with property valuation services in a short time in such cities as Rostov, Sochi, Novocherkassk, Taganrog, Stavropol, Krasnodar. We guarantee our customers high quality of our property valuation reports. Property valuation

What is a property valuation report?

In accordance with the Requirements for the preparation of an assessment report (Section II, Federal Assessment Standard “Requirements for an Assessment Report (FSO No.3)”, approved by Order No. 254 of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation of July 20, 2007), the property valuation report is numbered by page, stitched, signed by the appraiser or appraisers who conducted the appraisal, as well as sealed and signed by the head of the legal entity with which the appraiser or appraisers entered into an employment contract.

The statement of property valuation of an enterprise should contain the following sections:

  1. a) Basic facts and conclusions. The main facts and conclusions section should contain:

General information identifying the property being valued;

Evaluation results obtained when applying various approaches to property valuation;

The total value of the property;

  1. b) The assignment for the valuation of the property in accordance with the requirements of the federal appraisal standards;
  2. c) Information about the customer valuation of the property and the appraiser. The report should contain the following information about the customer valuation of the property and the appraiser.

Details of the customer property valuation:

About the customer – legal entity: legal form; full name; main state registration number (hereinafter – OGRN), the date of assignment of the OGRN; location;

About the customer – physical person: surname, name, patronymic; the series and number of the identification document, the date of issue and the authority that issued the specified document.

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