Competent advice of the private customer service manager

Comprehensive insurance offer

Flexible loan conditions

Home loan suits you and your family for the purchase, construction or renovation of housing.

Together with the contract for housing loans, we advise you to conclude a loan insurance contract. Thus, you will be protected in case of loss of work, incapacity for work and causing serious harm to health, as well as in case of death due to illness or accident.

The loan amount can be up to 80% of the market value of the housing provided as collateral. When using the guarantee of the Kreme target institution, the l home loan amount can be up to 90% of the market value of the collateral.

The amount of all monthly repayments on financial liabilities can be up to 50% of net income. The size of the maximum return payment depends on the amount of income, available financial obligations and the number of family members.


The currency of the housing loan is the euro.

Interest rate

The interest rate on housing loans is linked to Erabor.

Erabor (European Interbank Offered Rate) is a European interbank interest rate. The customer can choose between 3, 6 or 12-month Erabor. The interest rate margin is added to the Euribor rate, depending on the client.

If desired, the interest on home loan can be fixed for a longer period. Housing loans with a fixed interest rate give confidence that the amount of payments on the loan for a certain period will not change. For more information on fixing interest, ask your private customer service manager.

Credit term         you can borrow a housing loan for up to 30 years, provided that all the loan will be paid by the time you reach the age of 75.


As collateral for housing loans is suitable purchased or renovated housing (apartment or house), located in Estonia.

To assess the collateral, use the services of the approved real estate office. Assessment of collateral is a paid service and depends on the price list of the appraiser.

Pledged property must be insured  during the entire crediting period.

Ask for an insurance offer from a private customer service manager.

The size of the self-financing is, as a rule, not less than 20%.

When using KredEx guarantee, self-financing starts at 10%. More detailed information on the terms of the guarantee can be found on the home page of the target institution Kreme.

The home loan can be repaid on the basis of the schedule in the form of an annuity or equal basic parts.

In the case of an annuity schedule, the payment of the loan each month will be in the same amount. At the beginning of the repayment of the loan, the majority is interest. With each subsequent payment the share of repayment of the main part increases. With an annuity schedule, the credit load is evenly distributed, and moderate loan payments allow you to eventually take a large loan amount.

In the case of payments with equal principal parts, we divide the bulk of the loan equally among all payments, and to this is added the interest accrued from the loan balance (the larger the loan balance, the greater the percentage). This means that the amount of the monthly payment for the loan will be greater at first, but as the loan expires, it will decrease.

If you can afford larger payments at the beginning of the loan repayment period, then it is more profitable to choose a payment schedule with equal major p

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