Today, May 5, exactly two years ago, I kissed a guy for the first time in my life. And in honor of this event, I decided to create my next top – one of the most unusual kisses ever shown in films.

5. Titanic: a kiss on the nose of the liner.

This kissing scene, according to a survey of movie lovers, recognized as the best in the history of Hollywood. Subsequently, the kiss performed by the actors on the nose of the ship was repeated by lovers all over the world – on the roofs of tall buildings, on bridges, on boat trips, etc.

4. Lady and the tramp: a scene with spaghetti.

This is the first kiss cartoon in the history of Disney, which clearly implied a love scene. The situation at that time was complicated by the fact that the then Puritan order did not approve any elements of “sex before marriage” in the cinema, and the cartoon characters, as is known, were not spouses. This scene from the kiss cartoon was saved, mainly because its heroes were not people, but dogs.

3. Kiss Shrek and Fiony.

In this scene, Shrek kisses Fiona to remove the spell from her, after which everyone expects the beloved of the protagonist to become a beauty. However, this does not happen: Fiona, contrary to expectations, remains enormous – the same as it was. Which does not prevent Shrek from playing with her a fun wedding in the swamp.

2. Spiderman: kiss upside down.

This is one of the most extraordinary kisses ever shown on the screen. The main character here kisses his darling, hanging upside down. In other parts of the comic, Spiderman did more complex tricks, but this episode was the most memorable.

1. The final scene from the movie “Ghost.”

Here, the main character, or rather his cast, has a difficult task – to kiss his girlfriend from the next world. In this, the sorceress Odeh Mei helps him – the only one who hears and sees him. However, if in all the other scenes the witch herself speaks and moves for the deceased character, then in the final scene, during the kiss, the filmmakers still decided to show the translucent ghost of the protagonist. It was a very unusual and touching kiss.

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