They can be nearby (with an area code of your preference) or toll-loose. clever numbers may be assigned to unique users, groups, campaigns or key phrases. RingDNA’s simple 1300 numbers no longer handiest let you make key decisions based on call metrics, but also permit you to see name origins in actual time, complete with contextual purchaser information.

There are one-of-a-kind methods to create clever numbers relying to your goal. right here are the exclusive varieties of clever numbers you can create the usage of RingDNA’s name monitoring wizards:

tracking Wizards

RingDNA allows you to create clever numbers the usage of one of our call tracking wizards. Our wizards let you companion clever numbers with various advertisements in Google Adwords, social media campaigns and any offline marketing attempt (inclusive of a radio or tv ad.) this could be very useful if you have campaigns that are targeting unique demographics. as an example, you can assign a nearby Portland wide variety to ads focused on Portland customers, whilst the use of a toll-unfastened for more fashionable campaigns.

Our wizards walk you through growing clever simple 1300 numbers  which can be related to specific varieties of call monitoring efforts. Please read our courses on our precise tracking wizards for greater in-depth perception into each tracking wizard:

user-introduced photograph

control Menus

RingDNA also lets you create smart numbers that are related to precise users or agencies of users. the following sections display you ways.


you can assign clever numbers to users inside the manipulate users menu.

consumer-delivered image


you may also assign multiple clever numbers to organizations using the institution control menu.

person-delivered photo

dealing with clever Numbers

in the manage smart Numbers display, you can view all your clever numbers. you can look for them via tags or kind among monitoring simple 1300 numbers and the clever numbers related to customers and organizations. by using clicking at the info icon you may then edit your clever numbers, assign name flows for your clever numbers and assign numbers to campaigns.


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