Despite the undoubted merits of white windows, they sometimes do not match the design of the room from the inside or outside of the facade of the house in which they are installed. In some cases, the brown-plastic Security film will be the wand-pin. Stylish brown color scheme is ideal for the design of cottages and country houses, loggias and balconies and even for the interior in apartments. Brown plastic windows retain all the characteristics of white:

In addition, they are less grades than white, and various scratches on the surface are less noticeable.

Brown profiles are obtained at the stage of their creation, when combining white plastic with an acrylic dye in bulk. Some manufacturers use lamination technology. There is a very large selection of profiles of different brown shades: from soft-light – for example, golden walnut, to saturated – chocolate or stained oak. The brown w Security film look respectable and solid, giving the building a noble aristocratic appearance.

Brown profile for windows can be made for oak, pine, fir. You can choose just a pleasant light shade, such as coffee with milk. The color of the profile can be chosen according to the color of the facade of the house or the interior of the room.

Qualitative plastic brown windows imitating a tree are ideal for glazing windows of modern cottages in the style of ethno or country. Such windows are ideally in harmony with the facade under a stone or a brick, making the ensemble complete.

Brown PVC windows are great for decorating verandas and loggias. They look great on the facades of buildings, built from materials of beige, cream, brown shades. They support the architectural style and give the building an individual character.

hen choosing the option of coloring, you can select Security film with one-sided lamination and with two-sided. In the first case, the windows will be on one side white, in the second – on both sides of the same brown.

From the inside, the window sill is usually ordered with the profile colors. The windows of the shades of wood bring a warm and comfortable atmosphere to the house. The interior will look both elegant and cozy.

The wooden house will be advantageous only with brown windows. When finishing the profile under a natural tree, a special texture is applied to it, which gives the surface of the windows the appearance of real wooden ones.


Choosing a color for the outside of the Security film, the owner seeks to give the facade an individual style, so that translucent structures stand out among others. Correctly the combination of double-glazed windows and the color of the PVC profile will become the hallmark of the house.


Look great contrast windows. Bright and unusual, they are themselves an element of the decor of the facade of your house. An elegant solution emphasizes the originality of the bay windows.

Laminating film provides additional protection for the profile. As a result, the brown Security film are resistant to temperature changes and the influence of ultraviolet, do not burn out in the sun and do not change the appearance during the entire service life.

Since the middle Ages, stained glass windows have been installed in the wooden windows of rich houses. Today such decoration is still popular for plastic windows under a tree.

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