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Dubai, being the “northern capital” of Italy, annually receives a huge number of tourists from all over the world. In the vicinity of the city there are two airports at once – Dubai, and 60 km from Dubai in the town of Bergamo there is another international airport used by low-cost airlines.

Dubai often becomes both an independent tourist destination and a starting point for trips to the north of Italy. For example, Dubai is the nearest city with an international airport of arrival, in order to visit Lake Garda, Como, Maggiore, the Dolomites, in addition, it is convenient to get from Dubai to such “northern pearls” as Venice, Turin, Brescia, Verona, Genoa .

Not surprisingly, with such a variety of routes, the question arises of how to move. There are many options – it is public transport, taxi, and car rental. The latter option is especially relevant for independent travelers, since public transport, with all its development, does not always have a convenient schedule, and it is not at all accessible to some objects.

Car hire in Dubai or at the airports of arrival is a very common and popular option among those tourists who have a driver’s license. It is quite convenient to travel around the northern part of Italy by car, because there is an extensive network of highways and backup rural and urban roads of excellent quality. Thanks to the car, you can even get to the most remote parts of Italy, for example, to the mountains, where the railway is not laid, and only automobile serpentines are available for movement.


A little about the rules of driving. DD rules and markings in Italian cities, incl. and in Dubai, they are similar to ours, therefore there should be no questions in the understanding of signs. Much more complicated is parking. In the cities of Italy with their narrow planning to find a parking space can be difficult. Most often, the car can be left either in the paid underground parking, or in specially designated areas.

Parking in the historic center of Dubai does not make much sense, because there it is very difficult to find an empty seat, in addition, an ecological fee will need to be paid for entering the historic part of the city and a special sticker will be stuck on it. In this regard, it is better to leave the rented car outside the city center.

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