Nutritionists to lose weight. Official recommendations advocate a Rapid Tone Diet rich in cereals and potatoes, and low in fat – the exact opposite of the Atkins Rapid Tone Diet But today leading researchers acknowledge that Atkins was wrongly decried. For example, Professor Walter Willet (Harvard) believes that ” Atkins was right “.

The lead author of the 2007 study, Christopher Gardner (University of California, Stanford), acknowledges that the results he has achieved have shaken his certainties. It may be useful, he says, to minimize the proportion of carbohydrates, especially refined ones, in one’s diet.

Our opinion

The seductive force of the Atkins diet lies in the fact that one can eat varied (proteins, good fats, vegetables, nuts, berries …) and this without limitation of calories. Only carbohydrates should be given special attention.

Less frustrating than a low-fat Rapid Tone Diet the Atkins diet is also healthier and more effective in the long run. There remains the question of carbohydrate counting. Binding at the beginning, it takes a little time to make its mark.

For the little story

Robert Atkins was a thin child, who lacked appetite. It weighed, at the end of high school, just over 60 kg for 1.83 m. During his graduate years, Robert Atkins took more than 20 kg and continued to maintain his stature for ten years. In his head, he remains the thin teenager that he was, his appearance does not worry him. In 1963, it is shock: looking at a picture of him, he realizes he has three chins and seems 15 years older than his age. He decides to take charge. But there is a big problem: he has no desire to follow a strict diet, nor want to be hungry all the time. That’s why he is developing his ” revolutionary regime”. If his diet meets a big popular success, he is strongly criticized by the majority of nutritionists and doctors.

In 2003, following the sudden death of Atkins, the controversy resurfaced. Would Atkins have been a victim of the long-term detrimental effects of his own Rapid Tone Diet It turns out that Dr. Atkins died after a bad fall on a frozen sidewalk. However. when he died, this… according to his relatives, 28.5 kg more than his weight estimated at his entrance to the hospital. hospital a few days earlier. According to his widow, this dramatic increase would be linked to a sudden deterioration of his state of health, Dr. Atkins suffering from a few years of a heart disease (cardiomyopathy) unrelated to his Rapid Tone Diet. Read Ms. Atkins’ statement on her husband’s state of health.

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