Wii Fit , the world’s first video game sale in 2008, was born out of an experience that Shigeru Miyamoto had recently experienced: getting in shape. During a brainstorming session , he encouraged three developers ( software and hardware ) to play sports, measure the evolution of their weight and make it a game. Needless to say, they felt the anxiety of the blank page with such vague instructions. The developers went round in circles, brushed against the demotivation ocean of games Surprisingly, all converged on the same idea from two different inspirations. The hardware developerwas inspired sumos wrestlers, so heavy that they use two scales to weigh themselves. He had the idea to connect two scales to a screen. Both software developerswere interested in a therapeutic method of postural maintenance that involved the use of two scales. The teams reached an agreement: the game had to be designed around the notion of balance ocean of games  The first apps showed that it was fun to play with his balance. Quite quickly, the software was structured around aerobics, muscle building or yoga programs, all of which became very relevant from the concept of balance and control of gravity. Sport coaches, balance and proprioception researchers have been used to enrich and validate applications. Today, Wii Fitmakes a simple proposition: to get to know your body, to practice and to have fun with your family. This game was born from Shigeru Miyamoto’s belief that it was fun to measure one’s weight. Wii Fit was not initially a project in itself, but rather a test ball. It became a real project in a few months and it recognizes the best sales since 2008 and the 1 st half of ocean of games

Wii, a redefinition of the value of video games

In total, the Wii represents a breakthrough innovation: it was developed in a spirit of frugality, maximum efficiency and no overproduction. Contrary to a strategy of domination or differentiation by costs, it puts on value ocean of games  As competitors lowered their prices to match the Wii, Nintendo increased sales: the terms of the competition had changed dramatically. While Sony and Microsoft engaged in a logic of technological convergence at all costs, Nintendo was the opposite, in a frugal logic.

Zelda  : refocusing innovation on the player

A third example of innovation radically opposed to Wii Fit or Wii Sport  : Zelda . Here is a game of great wealth, teeming with elements composing a very coherent universe, and emblematic for the historical players of Nintendo. This game has a poetic, human dimension. The player has a lot of freedom. It is very realistic, not graphically but through a series of extremely plausible details. Zelda is too complex a game to result from the vision of a single individual. With each new version, it is necessary to rely on the experience already accumulated by the players but also to surprise them. The design of the Zelda episodeintended for Wii has mobilized the largest team (more than seventy people) and the largest budget ever devoted to a video game at Nintendo. The project was arduous, was postponed several times, the teams began endless debates, were exhausted, re-motivated … The scope of the project was such that it was impossible to estimate the amount of work needed and to find the right pace of work. The team directors, or even the producer Eiji Aonuma, could not get an overview. Once again, the

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