The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a house. Without a bathroom, you cannot clean yourself. In building a bathroom, you need to consider many things, such as functions, furniture, decoration, up to the floor. If you are looking for bathroom tiles online, Amber tiles are the right choice. For more information, visit the website

Before building a bathroom, consider these things first:

1. Functional Furniture

Before building a bathroom, try adjusting the furniture based on its function. If you use the bathroom as a laundry place at the same time, you can add a washing machine or other equipment. However, it is only used as a bathing area; you do not need to buy these items.

2. Bathroom Location

It would be best if you positioned the bathroom close to the kitchens and washing areas. This is helpful in terms of creating the water channel.

3. Area and Plan

make a sketch of a bathroom plan that is equipped with many things. This can help you in manage the furniture inside the bathroom later on.

4. Number of Occupants

The more occupants, the more diverse needs in using the bathroom. The number of sinks, showers, cupboards, or bathtubs can be adjusted to the occupants. This will also affect the design of the bathroom and the furniture in it.

5. Bathroom Furniture

wet and dry bathrooms need different furniture. For wet bathrooms, use furniture that is made from material that is not easily damaged, such as ceramics, marble, and stainless steel.

6. Processing Room Area

If you have a small bathroom, you can reduce the furniture. Use the sliding bathroom door for a small bathroom. You can also replace the bathtub with a shower. If you need a sink, place it outside the bathroom.

7. Floors and Walls

In choosing floors and walls, choose water-resistant materials. We recommend using ceramics to coat the walls and bathroom areas. For dry bathrooms, you can add decorative elements such as adding beautiful wallpapers.

8. Budget

if you want to build a bathroom, adjust it to your budget. Make sure the building does not cost too much and exceed the budget.