And yes, today I show you something other than coloring 🙂

Because changing a little bit of time is good too!

For those who do not yet know the Diamond Painting, I explain everything.

I discovered this activity by rummaging on Instagram, as I often do, in search of some wonders colored by girls who are too talented and who spin complexes to everyone. Yes, I like to hurt myself, it’s like that.

So I rummaged … And there! A photo called me, just the kibrille! You can imagine that my blood has only gone one round and that I seriously looked at the content of this photo “what is this thing kibrille to death???” #diamond painting “huh???”

Good … Some Results From Google search: diamond art kits

It’s beautiful huh?

So I quickly picked up the thing. In fact Diamond Painting is like mosaic but with rhinestones stuck on canvas or laminated paper. Once we have assembled all this we get a great motive that shines a thousand lights! It only remains to frame and hang.

I was so impatient to try that I rushed to my favorite supplier Amazon to order my first kit.

Because they are the fastest at the delivery level and I am a big impatient, not to say a real capricious girl 🙁

I chose a small, for the first time it was wiser and then I must say that I was relatively disappointed by the lack of choice on Amazon. Here is what I received:

I did not manage to make a good picture unfortunately … But overall I think you have grasped the principle.

I’ll show you the result once I have found my frame and everything will be completely finished, hoping to have made progress in the photo by then to bring out the Kirill…

  • The suits: the entire canvas is covered with “diamonds”
  • It should be noted that the diamonds measure about 2.8 mm.

As a result, the smaller your image, the more pixelated you will get. For a very detailed image, it will be necessary to favor a large size for a rendering at the top.

For example my realization that measures 24 x 24 and is very pixelated. Fortunately, the drawing is very simple. But hey, it was learning eh.

Where to find Diamond Painting?

And of course Amazon. What does not find on Amazon I ask you?

On Luminlife, they do not have a huge choice but on the other hand, they offer delivery in two days which is really nice for those in a hurry.

But you’ll find the nicest ones and the biggest ones on AliExpress

They have an absolutely amazing choice!!! On the other hand, you have to know how to be patient because the delivery is not express … However, it is free 😉

Feel free to visit the shop MEDIAN elsewhere, the images of the owl above are taken from this shop. They make sublime Diamond Painting with rhinestones of different sizes and shapes. Some examples:

You can find some on WISH too. They have a lot of choices and the prices are very interesting. However, you will have to be just as patient with the delivery, which is not free … It seems that France is not yet at the top to provide us with Diamond Painting 🙁

Updated June 2018:

You can now find Diamond Painting kits on! They have a lot of choices and cool models.

I think I told you everything!

If you have questions or tips for buying kits and have them delivered quickly, do not hesitate. I cannot wait to receive the ones I ordered on Aliexpress.

And as for coloring, you can of course publish the photos of your Diamond Painting in comment 😉

Good weekend to all!!!

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