Note: There can not be 2 folders ” Windows.old ” if it is present during the upgrade, it will fail with usually error codes 0XC1900101-0X2000A , so simply delete this folder, it will be rebuilt during the upgrade.

3 – Rename the SoftwareDistribution folder

Delete or rename (with extension .old or .bak ) the SoftwareDistribution folder download windows 10 iso oftwareDistribution ). If your download windows 10 iso pdate process is not working properly or if you find that the size of this folder has really grown, then you may consider removing or renaming the SoftwareDistribution folder . After rebooting it will be automatically recreated and the necessary Windows Update components will be automatically downloaded.

one after the other and press Enter:

This will stop the download windows 10 iso pdate Service and the Intelligent Transfer Service in the background.

Or via a command prompt (Admin) copy / paste the following command to rename the folder with the extension .old

After you have emptied or renamed this folder, you can restart your computer or you can type the following commands, one after the other in the command prompt (Admin), and press Enter to restart the services related to download windows 10 iso Update .

net start wuauserv

net start bits

It may happen that the system denies you the renaming of this folder, for questions of rights / authorizations even if you are administrator of your system, or simply because some file files are in court use. In this case reboot your system in safe mode , and you will be able to rename the folder with the extension .old or .bak , and then restart normally.

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