How to put a venetian blind? What are the different techniques for laying a Venetian blind? What are the tips for installing a Venetian blind alone?

Elegant and very practical, the venetian blind dresses your windows while protecting you from the rays of the sun. This interior curtain is composed of slats that are adjusted with a stick allowing more or less daylight. It can be completely folded by simply pulling a cord. In short, a Venetian blind has all the assets to seduce homes and offices. If you also intend to install a venetian blind at home, follow the instructions of our professionals to put it easily.

Types of fastening of a venetian blind

In wood or aluminum, the Venetian blind protects from sunlight, heat and prying eyes. If the choice of the venetian blind concerns only two materials, it will not be the same for the selection of the Venetian blind fastening method. Indeed, there are five types of installation: applied, embrasure, on the wing, on the ceiling and without drilling. Overview of these methods of fixation.

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Installation of a Venetian blind

The surface housing means that the blind is raised before the recess of the window. The folding box is located above the window. When unfolded, the curtain is slightly wider than the window recess for maximum blackout. The ideal for this type of installation is to have a sliding opening window. Otherwise, you will have to fold up your blind as soon as you wish to open the windows.

Installing a Venetian blind on the wing

The installation of a Venetian blind on the leaf is generally used when the installation is impossible due to lack of space. Each leaf is then equipped with an independent awning and the casing is on the upper cross member of the leaf. The advantage is that the blinds attached to each leaf do not interfere with the opening of the window. The disadvantage is that it takes two blinds instead of one as for the previous modes of fixation.

Installing a venetian blind in the ceiling

If laying by wall is once again impossible for lack of space and the installation on the leaf cannot be done also, you still have a Venetian blind to the ceiling. The case is then on the ceiling and does not interfere in any way the opening of the window. Just think of moving the blind a few centimeters to open the window easily.

Laying a venetian blind in a doorway

The installation of a venetian blind in embrasure is possible for the windows in tunnel. The folding case is then fixed in the embrasure that is to say the ceiling of the tunnel window or on the wall above the window. As for the fixing in wall, the installation in embrasure demands the verification of the place for the box with the folded blind so as not to hinder the opening of the window. This type of assembly requires the taking of very precise measurements in order to avoid the friction of the blades against the wall or let by day.

Fixing a venetian blind without drilling

The reasons that can prevent you from drilling wall, ceiling or window jamb can be various and varied. This may be the condominium that refuses ceiling drilling because of the floor heating installed at your neighbor’s upstairs. Or you are a tenant and the landlord refuses to pierce the walls. In short, easy and economical, the installation of a venetian blind without drilling is ideal. In this case, do not panic! A solution, even solutions, exists. You can opt for self-adhesive supports or self-erecting brackets to be placed on the leaves of your window. The latter can withstand heavy loads and is suitable for wooden blinds with a heavy weight.

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