How to print bar codes, place a bar code on a label, what it means to produce bar codes and how to do it within an organization. Printing labels on self-adhesive film, custom printing non-standard color labels.

Do I have to use the barcode on the package? Not.Legislation of the USA Federation requires the availability of bar codes on the product? No, moreover, even international regulatory documents do not require this. Do you need such labeling to the end user? Not. Will you have touse similar coding for your products, in your warehouse, in a store? Alas, most likely, you can’t get away from using a label with a barcode on the package.Take a look around, how many goods will you find that are not marked in one wayor another? A box with paper clips, a machine for making dumplings, asmartphone, a bag of milk, rolled steel, etc., what unites all these things? Arectangle with black and white lines, which is the bar code.

What is a barcode and why is it needed?

The barcode printed on the packaging in a typographical way or printed on a self-adhesive label allows you to uniquely identify the product, enter it into the product accounting system, and trace its path from the manufacturer to the final consumer.

Almost any program that keeps track of material resources, can work with bar codes. Most large trading companies require the availability of appropriate bar-marking of goods supplied to it, and in the internal work of any organization related to storage, transportation, supply of certain goods, materials, the use of bar codes greatly simplifies the work.

Where to get the label

Despite the fact that it is not necessary, bar coding uses almost everything and always, and your company will have to use it. The presence of labels with previously applied labels on packages does not guarantee that your warehouse program recognizes them and that they are suitable for accounting in your sales area. Moreover, the barcode may be damaged, or be completely absent, because of which the processing, for example, of the incoming goods becomes more complicated. What then to do? Label the cargo yourself.

In any office, wherever there is a computer, there surely is a printer, therefore, the first option to solve this problem will be the idea to print a barcode in the right amount on it, and there will always be a special computer program. Cheap, easy, cheap. In some situations, yes, this can be the best way out. That’s just this way is suitable when you want to print a dozen different labels. And if they need thousands, hundreds of thousands? An ordinary printer is unlikely to cope with such a task.

If the need for labels rarely arises, or vice versa, theyare needed constantly and in large volumes, it is worth considering the optionto entrust the printing of bar codes to a third-party company providing such services, to buy labels ready for use. In this decision, there are pros and cons. There is no need to decide what type of machine is needed, what kind of consumables for it, what program will allow to print all the necessary types of labels. It is important not to forget to order another batch of Barcode Stickers on time.

Turn to label printing services to third-party organizations and, on the contrary, with large print volumes, when the information on the label should be color, selling and as informative as possible; we are talking about non-standard self-adhesive labels. Those who decorate products in stores and position the brand. Standard label printers, which are used to print a bar code and the minimum necessary information on a product or other packaging is not enough to transfer data in full color format.

The third solution that allows the most flexibility to respond to all situations that may arise is to organize the printing of the required labels in place, as needed. The necessary equipment is a typewriter (label printer), which will ensure the printing of the necessary bar codes on that material (paper tape, self-adhesive film, etc.), which is used in specific conditions of the organization’s activities. A corresponding program is also needed in which the required labels will be processed and printed on the printer.

Colored full-size labels are made to order by a preliminary design, taking into account all technological inquiries in special printing houses. On this issue, you can get advice from our experts and place your order.

White labels (ECO, SOAT, and TOP) that place bar codes and the minimum of necessary information, most often, organizations print independently on specialized label printers.


The use of bar codes can significantly increase the transparency of the company, the speed of decision-making, strengthen control over the remnants of goods and much more. Of course, the machine that carries out the printing for its own needs of the required number of labels is not the equipment, without which the company’s work is significantly complicated, however, the possibilities that arise when there is such a device in the farm are quite weighty arguments in favor of buying Printer.

The resulting flexibility and autonomy in the matter of labeling of goods, storage bins, etc., can have an impact on the fact that the entry and processing of information in the used accounting system will be faster, with fewer errors and with more opportunities to accept those solutions that will contribute to the further development of your business.

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