Kevin Hart’s watch collection is worth in the tens of millions of dollars, and that’s being conservative!

But it’s look like a little pie if you take a look Kevin Hart net worth.

Some of us just wear watches. Some like watches. And there are some who are really into watches. Then there’s another step upwards: the Kevin Hart level of watch craving.

The all-around comedian and producer Kevin Hart is for sure world-famous.

Not only for his signature humor style of playing with his own insecurities, but also for his immense collection of amazing timepieces.

He could be seriously funny if you excuse the wordplay, but his jaw-dropping collection of watches is instead seriously awesome.

From all accounts, he favors four main brands — which are Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Richard Mille, and he keeps adding pieces to his collection every now and then to celebrate a new milestone in his stellar career. This also means — as successful as he is now — that he is getting a whole lot of new watches, so many that it is damn difficult to keep track of them, even if he is not shy at all at showing them in his Instagram account.

However, his style as a collector cannot be defined as “conservative”. It is much more a bold and brash feat. His watches are always very notable — and undeniably very fitting to his character, or at least, the character he displays publicly.

But his life in Technicolor aren’t always been so. Hart came from very humble beginnings, from the rough part of Philadelphia, a drug-addict father his example to avoid following.

And one of his first big successes, Laugh at My Pain, was the way Hart exposed his personal weaknesses to make others laugh. For sure, a heart-wrenching but ultimately liberating experience which gave him the fuel and the motivation to go forward.

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And forward he went. “I’m the real deal,” says Kevin. “I’m not someone who just jumps in and jumps back out.”

The guy’s got motivation.

And with hard work, money began to pour in. And with it, his interest — let’s call it like that — for beautiful timepieces.

So, what was Hart’s first serious watch?

Undoubtedly, a classic “It was probably a Rolex Submariner.” And after that, he made a step upwards — bit by bit, as his solid and concrete style, tells us — a steel Daytona, which remains one of his faves even to this day “because it’s such a hard watch to get.”

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