I almost did not meet people who would not like to travel. And it does not matter whether you are going to a neighboring city or to another continent, anyway, every journey is a new experience, acquaintance and adventure. But in order to have only pleasant memories after the trip, you need to prepare well for it and know some of the little tricks that experienced travelers always have in store.


Try instead of the usual hotel to look for a surrendering house or apartment if you are traveling with your family, or a private room if you are alone. This can be done on sites like AirBnB and it costs a bit cheaper with more comfortable living conditions than in a hotel.

When packing things, try rolling your clothes instead of the traditional styling with flat layers. So you fit much more.

Scan or photograph your passport, rights, insurance, tickets, and other important documents and send them to your email or save it to Dropbox. This way you will always have a copy of documents available at any time in case of loss or theft.

If you are going to use a credit card, then make sure that it is served in the country of destination. Notify the bank about the trip, as the security system may block your account when trying to withdraw money from an unfamiliar country.

Mark your luggage as fragile. Although this does not give a full guarantee of its safety, there is still a chance that it will be treated more carefully.

On the road

Carry a bottle of water. Although the policies of different airlines regarding the amount of liquid available for transportation may differ, it is still better to be able to quench your thirst at any time rather than wait for the right drinks to be offered.

On the road it is very convenient to use waist bags-wallets. Although they look like “come from the 90s”, there is still no better way to keep documents, tickets, mobile, keys and even a compact camera on hand and be absolutely sure that they will not steal it.

Make sure you have a pen with you. If you have to fill out any documents at the border, this can speed up and facilitate the procedure.

Think about fun on the road. A good book, game or movie can brighten up even the most tiresome flight or relocation.

20-30 minutes before landing or arriving at your destination, visit the toilet room. Give yourself the opportunity to quietly enjoy new experiences, and not hastily search for toilets in unfamiliar areas.

Upon arrival

For currency exchange, it is preferable to find an ATM and withdraw cash from your card in local currency. Exchange offices at airports and train stations often have the most unfavorable exchange rate in the country.

Visit the local grocery stores. You do not need to buy a bunch of products for cooking a multi-course meal, but even a few simple snacks and a bottle of water can save you some money compared to hotel prices.

When you are settled in your room, get out of the suitcase only what you need at the moment. Hanging the entire wardrobe in the wardrobes will only take up later on fees and add the likelihood that you will forget something.

In place

Use the language of the country of visit as often as you can. This will not only add to your knowledge, but also help to establish contact with the local population. People appreciate when a foreigner tries to speak their language, even if he is not very successful but you can go to this site.

Think of souvenirs and gifts in advance. If you put it off on the last day, then most likely you will not buy what you wanted, not there, and absolutely not at that price.

Eat only local food. You can enjoy the wonderful cuisine of McDonalds at home, and on the journey you will find unusual gastronomic experiences and discoveries.

Do not be afraid to leave the trodden excursion paths and look for interesting things besides well-known places from the guidebook. Sometimes spontaneous impressions obtained in this way can be much brighter, more interesting and memorable than pushing in the tourist crush near the pyramids or palaces.

What road hacks do you have? Tell us about interesting tips from your experience.

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